Bzuhh WTF?

Ok, so it seems I forgot to pay for my domain. LOL The account is currently in limbo and really, I can’t be bothered to reactivate yet coz I have better things to spend money on. Like kikay. And clothes. Haha. So just so you all know.

Anyway, today is a bad day. I’m sick but not really sick. Know what I mean? I’ve had this sorta feverish feeling since Saturday, which I have really done my best to ignore so I can get on with my life. (Also because I was supposed to be out on training today, and it’s a waste D:) My cough wasn’t going to let up Saturday, so Sunday, even though I really really wanted to go back to Bugis Street to shop those floral gyaru dresses again, I felt too crappy and decided to sleep it out.

Last night, I think I drank way too much cough syrup coz I was woozy and irritable all the way until I feel asleep watching Law & Order (see how interesting my life is if I don’t go out?) And I woke up with the motherlode of all fevers (actually no. I didn’t really have a fever, I just felt really feverish). I went though my morning rituals earlier than usual coz training starts at 8:30 (can you believe it? Some days, 8:30 is only the time I start taking a bath!) Crap feeling didn’t go away when I took a bath, even though on most mornings when I feel crappy, it does after a nice bath. Then at like 7:30, I’m like “Damn it, I can’t even stand up properly in my heels” and decided I can’t get myself out of the house.

Eventually, I still managed to, but that was to pick up my laptop in the office and go to the doctor to get a medical cert. I still feel crappy now. Is this how cough medication is really supposed to work?

BTW, it’s the nice, sweet cough syrup. Me likey. lulz.


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