Hello bag, please come home with me!

I can’t help it. I’m not just a bikini addict. I’m a shoe- and bag addict too! I usually buy my bags and shoes on the spring collection, when Pedro and Charles and Keith (my top two!) would release colorful and cheerful designs. I like my accessories with a great pop of color, because my clothes are all nude and brown and black or rose-colored. The spring collection’s all gone, and I’ve cherry-picked my favorites already, but surprisingly, this year, there are some really stellar selections from the tail-end of the summer and the start of fall collections. I don’t usually like these,because they’re boring and drab, like the colors I pick for my outfits, but this year, they’re really good.

I’ve picked up a shell-clasped handbag and a pair of stiletto sandals, but I’m still wanting for one more:

C&K Satchel bag, modeled after the Mulberry Alexa or some other name brand bag that I'm not particularly interested in.

C&K Satchel bag, modeled after the Mulberry Alexa or some other name brand bag that I’m not particularly interested in.


I saw this already at the store in ION, and had it in my hand already, when this lady walked in with the exact same bag. Now, I know when a bag looks good on me and this one did, but looking at how it looked on the other lady, who by the way, was wearing black trainers, looked slightly disheveled, and wore ugly ill-fitting clothes, I put the bag back on the rack and picked out another.

And now I utterly regret that decision D:

Tomorrow, I must find this bag back at the branch near my office or I’m totally going to embark on a country-wide search for it. Come on bag, I need you to come home with me!!


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