Stop reading and start running.

This didn’t happen today. Bed got too comfy, magazine article got too interesting, and boy, am I hungry!

The truth is, while I am pleased that my running has improved vastly from whining to actually running for about 3 minutes straight (that’s a feat; I’ve previously declared myself unfit to run because I’m lazy and fat!) it’s really still a struggle for me to convince myself to change into my running gear and get out of the house. I just feel so lazy, sluggish and bored. But I totally need to get running some more! I still haven’t broken the 5km mark, and I need to really improve my time.

I have joined the Adidas King of the Road in Manila for 5km, Great Eastern Women’s Run at 5km, and lastly, the Brooks Run Happy event for 9km. How am I going to survive if I’m sitting here, typing this blog entry? I have no idea.

But I’ll think of the solution on my next run.

And that’s going to be tomorrow. Now I need carbs.


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