Japanese makeup haul, among other things.

In the past 2 weeks, I have seriously been on a false lashes kick. After the first experiment on New Year’s Eve, I realized it wasn’t really all that hard to put the falsies on. It was a little time-consuming, sure. But not that difficult. All in all, it adds 10-15 minutes more to my makeup routine, but then because the lashes I’ve been getting lately all look so dramatic, I have more often than not ended up toning down the eye makeup. That has resulted in a pretty good reduction of time spent doing my eyeshadow. So really, not much change in time consumed.

Anyway, because I’ve been so obsessed with false lashes, I’ve been getting a lot of high quality ones. And of course, what better quality is there than the Japanese false lashes? They’re the softest and have the most variety available. They’re also some of the most expensive. I’ve picked up a good number of sets, as well as some other makeup from various Japanese brands. These are all drugstore makeup, but wtf why are they so expensive?

Warning: Major pic spam ahead!

Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly

Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly

By far, Dolly Winks are the most expensive lashes I have. They’re going for $24.90 here in Singapore and I think that price is just ridiculous! I lucked out finding a set of 3 pairs, because the normal packaging is only 2 pairs for $24.90. I’ve obviously used a pair already, and here’s what they look like on me:

Dolly Wink #3 with a full faec of Tarte makeup

Dolly Wink #3 with a full face of Tarte makeup

This looks really pretty and natural. I like that it looks to be on the long and dramatic side when seen from the top (look at how they are in the box) but are actually soft and fluttery when worn. The band is quite long – longer than my eye, at least. I didn’t cut the band, though. Instead, I let the ends extend past the outer corner of my eyes. I think it’s supposed to be that way to get the so-called “dolly” look that the Japanese love so much.

Jewelove P3 lashes

Jewelove P3 lashes

Here’s another one of the Japanese brands I picked up. Jewelove is also mad expensive at $22.90 for 2 pairs. These lashes are ridiculously long and made me look like a drag queen (but that was because I wore these really dramatic lashes with red lips, and that should never be done!) I forgot to snap a good photo of me wearing these, and instead only have an Instagram pic:

Jewelove P3 on the left vs. Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly on the right

Jewelove P3 on the left vs. Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly on the right

Can you see that ridiculously long lash wing on the left photo? Yep, drag queen material :p

Please to ignore all the craters on my face, kthxbye.

Eyemazing x Zipper Amo x Pastel type-A (what a bloody mouthful!)

Eyemazing x Zipper Amo x Pastel type-A (what a bloody mouthful!)

Sorry for the crap photo above. I thought I took a pic of it already using my digital camera, but I hadn’t. And so, you get the iphone pic instead, coz I’m lazy.  Eyemazing type-A is the full lashes of the same one by Eyemazing that I posted 2 blogs down. It’s medium brown, very full, very pretty, very dramatic. These lashes aren’t best for work, unless you happen to have the same hair color. And even then, with the lash fullness, it’s a little pushing it.

I don’t have the same hair color, of course, but that doesn’t stop me wearing this on dress-down Fridays or weekends out with friends.

I didn't go out with friends, coz I have no friends. lulz.

I didn’t go out with friends, coz I have no friends. lulz. And oh look, Psych showing in the background!

I really like this pair! The lashes retain their shape very well, even on a windy day, and even after multiple uses (used it twice so far). The band has just the right stiffness that it doesn’t get bent out of shape, and yet also isn’t uncomfortable for a full day’s wear.

I don’t like that the glue used by the manufacturer has awful residue on the base of the lashes though. It’s so difficult to clean that shit off.

I felt like putting this up - using Ardell 120 here.

I felt like putting this up – using Ardell 120 here.

Yep, coz I didn’t have any trial photo of the Ardell 120s. That’s the most workday-friendly of all the lashes I currently own. I’ve still got a whole bunch shipping from Zalora and Sasa in a couple weeks’ time. I might review those separately. :p It’s a whole shitload of lashes, so that depends on how hardworking I feel.

Ardell 120 is also the most comfortable pair I own – lash band is soft and bendy and doesn’t poke the corners of my eyes when I blink. It’s pretty easy to see why this pair wins awards here in Singapore. It’s also the most inexpensive that I own, retailing at $9.00 at various stores on the island. I got a back-up pair in my Zalora shipment.

Jewelove No. 7 - Adult Natural

Jewelove No. 7 – Adult Natural

This is the pair I bought today after watching Les Miserables (omfg watch eeeet!!!) I sense another drag queen pair in the making. I plan on testing this tomorrow.

So, apart from the lashes, I bought some stuff for my brows. I’ve been going around with my taray-mode arched brows all this while. I thought since my lashes are now so dramatic, that it’s time to tone down the brows. So, I picked up these eyebrow enhancers from Dolly Wink:

Dolly Wink Brow Pencil in No. 3

Dolly Wink Brow Pencil in No. 3 Dark Chocolat

I never realized that one could get such natural-looking brows with a pencil! Even with just this, my brows look really natural and I really don’t see pencil lines! Of course, I still go over the pencil with brow powder, and that’s why I have this:

Dolly Wink Brow Powder in No. 3

Dolly Wink Brow Powder in No. 3 Dark Chocolat

This brow thing is freaking tiny, and it’s like $18.90 or something. But it’s beautiful. The left side, which is what I use on my brows, is kinda dark ashy brown and looks a lot more natural than the reddish medium brown I have on my Benefit Brows-a-go-go. The shade on the right looks kinda skin tone. It’s a little darker than mine and it’s what I’ve been using to give myself that slim nose look (no, I didn’t get plastic surgery. My nose is God-given.)

Dolly Wink Brow Mascara

Dolly Wink Brow Mascara in No. 3 Cocoa

And this thing of beauty is what has made the whole brow thing look so beautifully natural! I thought that because the mascara has this pearlescent quality that it would look weird on my brow hair, but it really doesn’t! It’s just this fantastic cream-gel that looks so perfect on my brows. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo below:

I know, I know, I'm hot :)

I know, I know, I’m hot 🙂

Amirite, amirite??

Lastly, I also picked up the Milk Chocolate version of that funky Sweet Salon eyeliner from a previous blog post. I happen to really like this brand!

Sweet Salon Eyeliner duo in Milk Chocolate

Sweet Salon Eyeliner duo in Milk Chocolate

I don’t have preview photos, coz I suck. Instead, I’ll give you another photo of my awesomesauce self with the Cinderella locks:

Sorry if I'm awesome.

Sorry if I’m awesome.

I used a curling iron today. I think mine’s broken and I probably need to replace it. Well, it was just 10 bucks. When payday comes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Japanese makeup haul, among other things.

    • MumuInc says:

      Me too! They’re really good quality, compact in terms of packaging, and just so pretty! I wish they were a bit more affordable in terms of pricing, though. 🙂

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