Hair extensions comparison – Ends!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you guys what I meant about the so-called “natural ends” and the blunt cut ends. I also threw in the photo my Foxy Locks set for a bit of further comparison. Foxy Locks is sort of a happy medium between the super thick blunt ends from Hair Secrets and the super fine natural ends from Bellami hair.


Hair Extensions – Comparison of the ends

I mentioned in my previous post that Hair Secrets is double drawn and you can see from that photo above what a difference double drawn hair makes! I am also happy to tell you that the Bellami stock that they are currently selling is now double drawn, and I so hope that this will address the straggly ends that their previous stock had.

Now the pieces I took from each set is the 4-clip piece. All of them are approximately 8 inches wide. They are also more or less equally thick at the top band. The Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets wefts have just been washed and dried, and it’s the first time i have washed both. I’m happy to say that there was very minimal hair breakage or shedding during the washing process. I was very afraid of that and I’m so happy that my fears about hair shedding during washing was largely unfounded.

The Bellami weft here hasn’t been washed since it was purchased, but now that I’m comparing it side by side with Hair Secrets and Foxy Locks, it just looks so straggly and sorry-looking, and that’s such a shame, because the hair is very pretty and very thick at the band. It also just looks so dry compared to the Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets wefts. And that’s just so weird because I would slather all of my extensions with Macadamia oil and pure Argan oil when they look or feel dry, and I have put a bit of oil on my Bellami’s when I took it out of the package. The Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets, I mixed a bit of Macadamia oil in with the conditioner when I washed them. Oh, by the way, I didn’t curl the Foxy Locks weft. The hair just dried that way, so I guess the hair came from someone with naturally curly hair 🙂

So, I hope this comparison was helpful to you, and look out for my next review soon!


9 thoughts on “Hair extensions comparison – Ends!

  1. Tiffani says:

    hey beautiful! i am doing some research on clip ins but found many reviews on youtubes are sponsored which is really fustrating.I am so happy that I found your blog!!! Can you please recommend some clip ins brands to me? I prefer thicker blunt cut ends, despite hair secret, do u think theres any other brands which are better than that? Thanks a lot!!!!!!

    • MumuInc says:

      Hi Tiffani, of all the hair extension brands I’ve tried, Hair Secrets is the only one that offers the thick blunt cut ends. I haven’t tried anything else better than that 🙂

      • Tiffani says:

        Thank you so much! really appreciate that! I think I m gonna order it no! thanks again! I hope to see more beauty reviews from you!!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    omg I have the Bellami extensions right now and my ends look exactly like that! won’t be purchasing them again :/ Can’t wait to try Hair Secrets next!!

    • MumuInc says:

      I think you’ll like Hair Secrets! It has to be one of my favorite brands of extensions. It does need to be cut and styled though, coz the hair is really thick and heavy til the ends.

  3. Hi! i’ve just read your reviews about extensions and I’m still so scared to buy hair secrets. I didn’t read anything bad on the web but most of the reviewers seems to be paid. I’ve already bought HK in the past and the hair extensions were really good but after few months they became frizzy and tangled. So I’m asking you if hair secrets are really better than HK (in hair’s quality and clip), cause the first are more expensive than the second and I don’t wanna lose my money 😦
    ps. sorry for my english, i’m italian.

    • MumuInc says:

      Hello! Well, I’m definitely not a paid reviewer, since I’m about $200 poorer after my Hair Secrets purchase. I’d say the quality is good: better than many others I have tried. It is the 2nd favorite brand of hair extensions that I like (my favorite being foxy Locks)

  4. Danielle says:

    Omg please do this professionally- No Joke! your the only opinion I trust 100% I love how you are way above sponsorships that’s why girls absolutely adore your blogs, once they find them:) and your soo cute and likable I hope you become even more popular in the future because your the BEST Blog I’ve come across, please, please buy more supposedly “popular” extension brands and do more because we want to know the truth and we absolutely love you!<3 …..(side note) maybe think of doing this Weekly:D you have a new subscriber… Love you!

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