My foray into lash extensions

So, here I am with my first beauty post since starting up blogging again, and the current beauty obsession I have is lash extensions. Yep, after i purchased a crap-ton of false lashes from Sasa last year (a whole bunch of which I haven’t even used), I decided that I’m too lazy to put those falsies on every time I wanted thick, long lashes, and, damn, I want thick, long lashes all the bloody time! Anyway, it was a random decision to get try it out. And, knowing me, once I’d made up my mind that I wanted to try it out, fuck-all if I would wait until the weekend. No, I went through google to find a salon near me coz I wanted lash extensions, stat!


Excuse the bare face; this was taken right after I sampled the Glam Glow Mud Mask, but that’s for a different post. Anyway, this was the first set of extensions I had gotten. I went to I-Lash Salon in Ali Mall (it was the closest one to my place!). For such a tiny place that was so hard to find, it was packed! I had to wait about 10 minutes before there was a salon bed free for me to occupy. The ladies running the salon were nice and knew how to introduce a lash extension virgin such as myself to this, and all of them wore their product! I was kinda dismayed seeing the store because the lashes were like everywhere and it looked messy (it wasn’t; it was just that the space they had was very small), but seeing the employees wearing their product is a huge plus for me because it lets me see what it looks like once done.

The set I got was the Mascara Effect Lashes, in brown. Since I picked colored lashes, it only came in Medium length. I wanted to have flared lashes because I wanted the cartoonish Dolly Wink looks from Tsubasa. The ladies at I-Lash were kind enough to cut the lashes that they used for me so that it was flared. I kinda think it ended a bit uneven, but it looked pretty ok, no one’s gonna look at my lashes that hard or that long enough to tell if it was wonky or something.

Overall, I paid P1,450 for the mascara effect lashes – P1200 for the basic service, and an additional P250 for the colored lashes.

Now, these are made from the same synthetic material (nylon, I guess?) as most false lashes. And if you’ve ever worn nylon falsies, then you know that those stuff are a bitch and a half when you’ve got your eyes closed. The lashes were stiff and they caused my eyelids to itch every night for the first 3 nights I had the extensions. By the 3rd night, I was getting used to it, though, and I knew how to position my face already when going to sleep, so there was definitely a learning curve there.

I also had to change the way I wash my face. Usually, I’d lather the face wash or soap in my hands, and get my whole face soaped up, including my eyelids. Now, I have to consciously avoid my eye area to keep the lashes from getting wet, so that the glue doesn’t come undone too fast.

All in all, I had the lashes in for about a week with only a tiny clump from my right eye falling off. When I went to the next salon today, I still had a good number of the lashes on, so why did I decide to get them off? Simple: I wear glasses, and because the Medium length lashes were pretty darn long, they acted like wipers whenever I wore my Burberry glasses. It wasn’t really uncomfortable, but kinda annoying having to hold the glasses back every time I need to blink.

So, this afternoon, I hied off to Landmark Makati to try again, this time with Stylash Salon. Stylash is in the ground floor of Landmark, right under one of the escalators, so you know what that means: cramped, crappy location. I didn’t take a photo of the salon itself, because there were other people there and I don’t like invading other people’s privacy by taking pictures when they’re getting their faces jacked up with mink fur.

Yes! Stylash uses mink fur instead of nylon fibers. Yay for comfort! I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea that these furry stuff on my lids may have come from possible animal cruelty though. I might go to yet a different salon because I’m feeling really shifty about the whole mink fur thing, but apparently, mink fur is the absolute most comfortable and fluttery lashes in the world or something.



Anyway, they also have a pretty flier with their lash menu in it, so I grabbed one of those. I kinda like how everything is so well-laid out and glossy about this salon! The location was crapper because it was tiny and wtf, under and escalator? really? But that’s ok, because it looked a whole lot cleaner and more organized than the I-Lash salon i went to.

I had to get my current lash extensions removed before they could put in a new set. I decided to go black this time, and absolutely Full Diva! This is a pricier salon than I-Lash, though, but at least I know how many lashes are going on my lids with each menu item. I-Lash wasn’t like that. My set is Fierce Full Diva (flared, 300 lashes both lids) in 8mm and 10mm lengths. There was a 10% off today, so I got a small discount and paid P1440.


I don’t know, with makeup on, I feel the shorter lashes look barely noticeable, but as the glue dried and I got off the salon bed, some other lady who was accompanying her mother told me that the lashes were gorgeous. She even asked for my name so she could come back to the salon and tell the ladies who worked there that she wanted exactly what I got. I’m wearing my Burberry glasses as I type up this post, though, and none of the lashes are hitting the lenses, which is a good thing! I also love how the lashes don’t feel heavy at all! I remember when I first got the I-Lash extensions how heavy my eyelids felt because of the lashes. These mink fur lashes are so fluttery and light-weight!


The lashes are definitely much shorter than the ones I got from I-Lash, and I’m not yet sure that this is really what I want. When I get these re-filled, I may ask for longer lashes, because I just really like the Tsubasa Dolly Wink looks. But all in all, I’m extremely happy with the lashes I got from Stylash.

There are 2 other lash salons I want to try, but maybe after the New Year. Getting the old set removed and a new set put in hurts! I mean, my eyes were closed, but I could still definitely feel a slight burning sensation at the edge of my lids as the old lash set was getting removed. If I’m changing to a new salon, I may just wait it out until all the lashes have fallen off, but apart from that, I think I’m quite happy with what I got, and this definitely won’t be the last time I’m going to get extensions.

I mean…


That’s some really gorgeous lashes!




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