Sooper Skeen Shine Bright Like a Diamond organic skin care set

Since i returned to Manila last year, my skin has pretty much gone haywire from the pollution. Apart from that, the Peso value of many skincare brands I used to patronize when I was in Singapore have been so off-putting. Three digit Peso values make it look so expensive! When I started running out of the moisturizer and toner I used (I was using Japanese brand, Hada Labo for toning, and a plethora of different moisturizers from Shu Uemura, Lancome and L’Oreal for moisturizing), I knew it was time to switch to local brands.

I’m big on skin care ingredients, and I know many local brands in the drugstore use a lot of alcohol in their toner products, and parabens in creams for preservatives (actually, even all those expensive department store brands use parabens too), and I wanted to do something for my skin to improve the texture and stop the flakiness I’ve been getting around my hair line and eyebrows. My skin has been bumpy, flaky and just extremely oily. I needed something that didn’t have too much alcohol that will dry my skin, no parabens, and at the same time, address my gross, oily, bumpy skin. I’ve seen a couple of organic skincare brands that have been advertising on the online marketplace that is now what Instagram has become, and thought I would give one of them a try.

Sooper Skeen (formerly named HappySkin88, if my memory serves me right) had better price points, and since this was my initiation into local organic skincare, I didn’t want the products I was buying to be too expensive, in case I didn’t like it. So this is the one I went with. The first set I purchased was the Pore Eraser set, and I finished that set. It was ok, eased my skin’s oiliness, but I still wanted improved texture. When the brand reformulated their lines, they came out with Shine Bright Like a Diamond.


This six-piece set includes a soap, day and night toners, and 3 different creams. According to the IG blurb, this set will provide “Total skin resurrection” and “Reveal and revitalize healthy new healthy skin cells.” The blurb goes on to specify that blemishes get smoothened, and I’m supposed to end up with spotless, smooth skin. The skin rejuvenation is achieved through the powers of Kojic acid and papaya extract, contained in almost all of the products, but most concentrated on the soap, and Retinol in the Cell Renewal Cream. Citric acid in the toners and Skin Brightening Cream provide skin whitening benefits, which I’m totally not interested in, because I like being tan, but which I’m perfectly ok with, since I can always get a tan easily. The Bebe Creme has titanium dioxide to provide sunscreen for day time use.

The soap is 90g, and each bottle has 50ml, which means the set can last about 3 months before you start running out. I usually run out first with the toners, because it’s liquid and I’m accident prone. Plus I like to slather product into the cotton pads I use. I usually run out of soap the last, but this time, I think the soap will be the first one I’ll run out of because it’s pretty soft.

Anyway, here’s how I structure my morning regimen:


After washing my face with the Kojic Papaya soap, I use the Day tonic to clear off any soap and skin impurities. Then, I use the Skin Brightening Creme for moisturizer, and top off with the Bebe Creme for added moisture and sunscreen. Now, up front, the Kojic Papaya soap has totally transformed my skin profile. I no longer have oily skin ever since I started using it. The down side of that is that the soap gave me quite a bit of dry spots around my mouth and nose, and according to the owner, this is actually due to the micropeeling effect of the skincare solution. Additionally, I don’t put creamy products in my eye area, because I get millia, so this isn’t a total skincare solution. I’ve made some other purchases of beauty oils, argan oil and rosehip oil, also from Sooper Skin, and I usually use the Rosehip Oil for my undereye, and Argan Oil for my dry spots. This has really helped address these dry spots and has made my skin even softer.


For my night regimen, I wash with the soap, then use the Night Tonic, the Cell Renewal Cream and top off again with the Skin Brightening Creme. Again, I need to add Rosehip Oil and/or Argan Oil here especially, because the Night Tonic and Cell Renewal Cream contribute to the dry spots because of the Retinol content. In fact, the Night Tonic stings quite a good bit around the dry spots of my face, and i have to be careful around that area, coz damn, that hurts!

Now, you’ve already seen my bare face after skin care:


It’s not apparent in photos, but I see a marked improvement in my skin texture: no more bumpy skin, especially around my nose and forehead, and except for the most stubborn open pores near my nose, the pores of my face have really been refined and minimized. Even the pitted scars i have from old acne problems have smoothened considerably, and I’ve only been using the set for 3 weeks! And of course, you can’t ignore the brightening part. I actually kinda like the way that this has brightened my skin – it’s not pale or pasty, more glowy and rosy. I don’t think I really have fairer skin than before I started using. My skin just has a healthier glow, and that’s a huge plus!

So after using this for 3 weeks, here’s the verdict I have on this skincare solution:

  1. This truly lives up to the skin rejuvenation claims! My skin is smoother, pores are smaller, and complexion evened out.
  2. The micropeeling skin resurfacing effect isn’t in your face – at the most, you get some dry spots and a bit of redness, but no scaly skin that you get when you do a glycolic peel.
  3. The Kojic Papaya Soap is fricken potent, and the moisturizing creams in the set doesn’t have enough moisture to compensate for the tight, dry and stinging feel. If you have oily or normal skin, you need spot moisture treatments because this will give you dry spots. If you have dry skin, ask the seller for a different soap that doesn’t do micropeeling coz it’s definitely not for you.
  4. You still need a separate eye area cream or gel, especially if you have eyebags (like mine!) or dark under eye. Sooper Skeen’s Rosehip Oil is a good solution to that, and not all too expensive.
  5. At P1186 + shipping, this is definitely a good deal for great skincare products that will last at least 3 months. Buying additional bottles of the tonics and creams (when you run out of them) is also fairly priced, between P250 – P350, depending on what you’re buying.

I’m really happy with Sooper Skeen’s set. Actually, I love it so much that I went and purchased 2 other sets I’ve been meaning to try, the Rosey Glow set (for normalizing my skin, after this one), and the Turn Back Time set (anti-aging). I’m excited to try both soon!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond set is P1186 + shipping. Local and International shipping options are available. Sooper Skeen is available via online order. Follow their Instagram account,, for more info.


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