Epic Skincare Haul

Lately, after noticing that my use of Sooper Skeen’s organic Shine Bright Like a Diamond skincare set has so dramatically improved my skin texture, I’ve been on an organic skincare kick. Last week, I was at the the Great All-Out Sale at Metro Tent in Metro Walk (along Meralco Ave. in Ortigas) to catch Sooper Skeen’s booth and get to try out so many goodies I’ve been meaning to get. I’m not going to be using all of what I purchased – many of the soaps are planned for gift-giving this Christmas, but I’m definitely going to use the other sets I got, and more!

Now, knowing how obsessive I can get when I happen to really like something, when I saw that One Earth Organics was going to be in this weekend’s Global Pinoy Bazaar in Rockwell, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to drop by for a peek. Well, peek is an understatement. I walked away with a sack-ful of goodies that I want to try as well, not just from One Earth Organics, but also from V&M Naturals and Sparrow. I told you, I’m obsessive.

So without further ado, here’s a quick overview of my 2-weekend skincare shopping bender. I’m just glad that the sale prices were so good I didn’t go broke with the shopping.

Sooper Skeen

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post that I purchased 2 other facial care sets from Sooper Skeen: The Rosey Glow Set and the Turn Back Time Set. Apart from that, I purchased a plethora of soaps, lotions, and even got a beauty oil freebie for my purchase!

Rosey Glow Set

Sooper Skeen Rosey Glow Set

Sooper Skeen Rosey Glow Set

This is probably going to be the next set I will use once I finish Shine Bright Like A Diamond. The Rosey Glow set contains the Pink Glow soap, Gold Serum, and 3 items that were also in the Shine Bright Like A Diamond set: the Skin Perfecting Day Tonic, the Skin Brightening Creme, and the Bebe Creme.

My skin is going to need a break from the potency of the Kojic Papaya soap and all the Retinol in the Shine Bright Like a Diamond set, and I think this set will give me that much needed rest from too much micropeeling, just enough to improve skin texture and maintain that pretty, healthy glow I already got from the Shine Bright Like a Diamond Set.

This set comes with the Gold Serum, which, contains snail slime extract, a known beauty product ingredient to improve skin elasticity, smoothen skin, and provides anti-aging benefits. Many Korean cosmetics incorporate is magic ingredient so much that it’s become a major skincare trend. I’m excited to try it out! I hope it’ll give my skin that much needed boost to smoothen out the peeling from Shine Bright Like a Diamond.

I got all the 3 sets I mentioned here at 20% off due to their Red Tag Sale on face and body sets. Rosey Glow’s normal list price is P1364.

Turn Back Time Set

Sooper Skeen Turn Back Time Set

Sooper Skeen Turn Back Time Set

Turn Back Time is Sooper Skeen’s signature anti-aging skincare set. The set contains an Age Perfecting Day Cream, a Retexturizing Night Cream, a Skin Recharging Tonic, and 2 of Sooper Skeen’s best seller products: the Kojic Papaya Soap, and the Bebe Creme.

From the ingredient list of the products, it looks like Turn Back Time achieves its anti-aging promises through a combination of collagen and Amino acids. It also has some skin clarifying benefits from citric acid and papaya extract. Micropeeling is expected with this set, as the tonic contains glycolic acid, a common ingredient of facial peels.

I’m planning to use this set right before the summer, so that when I hit the beaches next summer, I’m going to have the most gorgeous skin in the world!

The list price of this set is P1,000, not a bad price to keep my face looking young!

Gluta Body Brightener Set

Sooper Skeen Gluta Body Brightener Set

Sooper Skeen Gluta Body Brightener Set

I purchased this because the tested the Complexion Refining lotion in the set, and it was so silky and emollient! I’ve mentioned before I have no interest in whitening, and really, the main reason I wanted to try this is because of the antioxidant properties of glutathione. Besides, I was just so sold on the lotion, that I really didn’t think twice to get the entire set. I’ve already started using both the lotions in the set, but not the soap, since I’m still finishing my stock of Mestiza soaps (I’m on my last bar, and I go through body soaps 1 bar every 1 and a half weeks, so that’s going into circulation soon). Once I’ve got all 3 products in my daily skincare regimen, I will probably write a more detailed review of this set.

The Body Brightener sets (Gluta and Kojic) are P800 each.

Super Soap Sale: 3 soaps for P360

Sooper Skeen Soaps - 150g

Sooper Skeen Soaps – 150g

Couldn’t pass this up! The soaps were so prettily packaged, and I’ve already tried many of these soaps from freebie soap cuts whenever I ordered from Sooper Skeen! I got to pick and choose which of the available soaps would go into my order. There was another set of soaps on sale as well, at 3 for P150, but many of those, I already had from the skincare sets I purchased previously. The soaps I picked up are the 8-in-1 Divine Soap for face and body, the Argan Soap, which contains Argan Oil, and the Anti-Cellulite Coffee Soap. Unfortunately, I will not be able to review these as I am probably going to give them away as gifts this holiday season. If there’s ever any that don’t get given away, I’m excited to bring them into my bath rotation!

Sooper Skeen Argan Oil

Sooper Skeen Pure Argan Oil & Lip and Cheek Therapy

Sooper Skeen Pure Argan Oil & Lip and Cheek Therapy

This was given to me as a gift with purchase. Thank you so much, Sooper Skeen! I have had another bottle of Argan Oil, also from Sooper Skeen before, and I gave it away to my younger sister, when she had terrible dry flaky skin on her eyebrows. I have the same and have been using the Argan Oil to control the flakiness of both my eyebrows and my hairline. I also use this interchangeably with Rosehip Oil to control the dry spots I have around my mouth. It’s done wonders smoothening out my laugh lines! I use Rosehip Oil as a day time additional moisturizer, and Argan Oil for night-time moisturizing, because I like to slather it on heavily around my dry spots. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is so perfect, it’s not fair that I have to wash it.

Sooper Skeen’s pure Argan Oil is available in 2 sizes, 25ml at P300, and 60ml at P800. You really only need 2 drops to moisturize your entire face, and 3 drops for scalp treatment, so the 25ml is going to last a good long time at a really great price point.

Sooper Skeen Lip and Cheek Therapy in Hot Red

This was another gift with purchase I received with my order (thank you, Sooper Skeen!) I’ve only ever used this once, because I’m still obsessed with my The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples lip and cheek palette. The Lip and Cheek Therapy has a thick gel consistency, and is both opaque and sheer at the same time. If you let the gel dry without blending, you will get a classic red tint on your lips (I really don’t recommend not blending any type of tint you wanna use on your cheeks, wtf, this isn’t Goldilocks). Blending the gel sheers it out into a pretty, warm, natural looking flush. I have used this only on liquid foundation that has already set, not on its own or on top of a powder, so I don’t know if the gel will cause powders to gunk up, but as a general makeup rule, don’t put liquids or creams on top of powders to avoid gunking or streakiness. Even with a full coverage powder foundation layered on top to mattify my face, the color from this tint glows through, and I like that because it means I don’t have to tweak my makeup regimen just to be able to use this. I will have to continue using it more to form a well-rounded opinion of this product though, particularly since I have never even used it as lip product.

The Lip and Cheek Therapy retails for P180, and is available in 2 shades: Hot Red and Delicious Pink. At this price point, this is one of the least expensive tints I have ever purchased.

Sooper Skeen is available via online order from their Instagram account, Superskin.ph.
The Red Tag Sale of 20% off on face and body sets is on until Nov. 23. Visit Sooper Skeen’s IG account for details of their next popup store or bazaar booth.

One Earth Organics

My One Earth Organics haul. The DCR toner's label has bad printing :(

My One Earth Organics haul. The DCR toner’s label has bad printing 😦

Triple Dream Refining Soap

I’ve used this soap before when I got a free soap cut from when I purchased One Earth Organics’ underarm whitening set at the Supersale Bazaar, and I distinctly remember that this is the most favorite soap I had tried from all the soap cuts I got (I was also able to sample the Illumina Milk Soap, and the Ultra-clarifying Rosehip Soap). It’s primary benefit is exfoliating and toning, and unlike most exfoliating soaps, this didn’t cause any dry spots on my skin. Note that I had used the soap cut as a body soap, so now I’m excited to try this as a facial soap!

Triple Dream retails for P330 at 150g. I’ve already come to expect One Earth Organics is on a higher price point than Sooper Skeen. Luckily, there was a 25% off the entire purchase I made since I purchased more than 3 items.

Sunkissed Angel Lip and Cheek Tint

Are you guessing my next budding obsession? Yep, lip and cheek tints! I haven’t even unwrapped the packaging for this one but I’m expecting this is probably more a creamy consistency compared to Sooper Skeen’s Lip and Cheek Therapy. It also comes in squeeze tube. So right now, this is probably the only creamy blush I own that’s in squeeze tube. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. I generally think squeeze tubes are too much trouble for lip application, but then, I almost never use any of these creams and tints on my lips. I prefer full-on lipstick on my lips, so this will only get used as a face product, like the rest of my cream blushes and tints.

Sunkissed Angel retails for P368 and the package contains 15g of product.

Detox, Cleanse, Repair (DCR) Pore Refining Toner

This is a new product and line in One Earth Organics’ lineup, and I’m curious to see if this works just as well as Sooper Skeen’s Pore Eraser, but mostly, I picked this up because I usually run out of toners first in all of my skincare sets. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope it doesn’t sting when I use it.

DCR toner retails for P360 with 60ml in the bottle. I wish a flip-top bottle was used for this product instead of a screw top. I haven’t even removed the plastic vacuum seal packaging and it’s already leaking. 😦

 Sheer Defense Dynamic Do-All (DD) Cream

And add this to the never-ending list of foundations and tinted creams I own! Sorry, but this is one makeup obsession I will never grow out of! The One Earth Organics DD cream is their organic foundation product that provides sheer coverage and a dewy luminous finish. I’ve only tried the product on the back of my hand, since I wear a full face of makeup whenever I go out. The one I got is in Natural (there’s a Fair shade, that might be made for ghosts and white ladies 🙂 ) and it’s still a tad too light, but it’s sheer enough that the lightness will probably contribute to  an overall glow instead of a white cast on my face. I’ve got to try this and compare it with my all-time favorite Sooper Skeen BB Cream.

Sheer Defense DD Cream retails for P640 for 30g of product. It’s available in 2 shades, Fair (white) and Natural (light beige).

I purchased my One Earth Organics haul from their booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar currently going on at Rockwell Tent. The Bazaar will be on November 15-16. Besides that, One Earth Organics is available for online order via their Instagram account, OneEarthOrganicsBeauty, as well as a host of resellers locally and overseas.


My Sparrow haul

My Sparrow haul

Winter Solstice EDT

I am not in the market for fragrance – I have a crapton of perfumes sitting on my dresser, most of them from expensive brands. But the clean, simple jasmine scent of this caught me as I was looking through Sparrow’s locally made products. I couldn’t pass it up.

Winter Solstice EDT retails at P550.

Mango Scrub, and Hand and Body Lotion

I actually have no idea whether these are organic. I think they are, they smell yummy too! I originally intended to pick up only the lotion, since I still have a body scrub in my bathroom, but I liked the scent so much I couldn’t pass it up. There goes another one in my shopping bag. Whoops 🙂

Mango scrub retails at P280, the Hand and Body Lotion is at P220. Larger sizes are available, but I may skip that since I’m only discovering this brand just now. I like to have stuff in smaller, trial sized packages.

Sparrow is available online through Seek the Uniq.

V&M Naturals

Soap Trio

My V&M Naturals Soap Trio became a soap duo, since I gave away one of the soaps.

My V&M Naturals Soap Trio became a soap duo, since I gave away one of the soaps.

V&M Naturals had a special for any 3 soaps for P800, and it came with a pretty biscuit tin. I don’t have the third soap and the tin anymore, since I gave those to my sister. The set I got included the Royal Pearl soap, the Mad About Mud soap, and the So’ya Sach’a Wise Bran? soap. The last one was the one I gave my sister, since she has sensitive, acne-prone skin, and that soap is gentle but at the same time, stimulates cell regeneration, to help heal her pimples. I’m excited to try the Mad About Mud soap! I love these Dead Sea mud or volcanic ash-based products for exfoliating dead skin and tightening my pores! I’m on the fence over the Royal Pearl soap, because I don’t know if I really like Emu Oil based products, but that’s what V&M Naturals seems to be all about. I will have to try it to believe!

Each soap retails between P265 – P295. Their bazaar promo at Global Pinoy Bazaar has the soaps at 3 for P800, which is a really good deal! Each bar is approximately 135g.

Flush Detox Lip and Cheek Stain

V&M Naturals Flush Detox and Voila! Locks Hair Masque

V&M Naturals Flush Detox and Voila! Locks Hair Masque

I sure don’t need another stain or tint product, but here I am hoarding for more! Like the One Earth Organics tint, this stain has a creamy consistency. It’s packaged differently though, more like a nail polish bottle with a nylon brush to apply the tint. I’ve seen this packaging on the Snoe lip and cheek stains. Since I haven’t used this yet, I shall have to see how this will fare as opposed to the other tints I’ve gotten.

Flush Detox retails for P235.

Voila! Locks Deep Repair Masque

This is the only hair care product I purchased out of the entire haul and it’s such a deliciously scented hair mask! I had previously wanted to purchase the Snoe hair mask, which retails at about P999, but since I have shorter hair now, that isn’t really damaged (my hair is more normal now, since I chopped off the 8 inches of damaged locks), I can get a smaller pot of hair mask that didn’t contain cones.

I’ve forgotten how much Voila! Locks retails for. I looked it up on their Instagram account and it shows P425 SRP, but I believe since this launched at the Global Pinoy Bazaar, I got it for a discounted price.

V&M Naturals is available for mail order on their website, V&M Naturals, as well as in 2 brick-and-mortar stores: a booth in SM North Edsa, and at their Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa in Katipunan.

And with that, I think I’ve finally completed the entire list of my skincare haul! Whew! That’s a lot of products, and I’m so excited to try them all! My skin has had a wonderful response to the use of vegan and organic products, and I’m hoping that the improvements continue. Who knows, one day, these products may magically zap away those little crater acne scars on my cheeks that are the bane of my existence, even though 4 sessions of CO2 laser resurfacing couldn’t! A girl can always dream. 🙂


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