Unveiling my first ever Starbucks Planner!

In this package is something I've waited 8 years to have. *grabby hands!*

In this package is something I’ve waited 8 years to have. *grabby hands!*

Yes! I’m so excited! =^__^=

I know this isn’t new to many locals, but Starbucks in the Philippines started their first holiday planner the year I emigrated to Singapore. My sister has collected these planners on a yearly basis and I’ve been so jealous of her pretty planners! Well, no more because I now hold with me the 2015 Starbucks Planner *hallelujah!!*

So, I actually moved to Singapore way back in 2005, and I missed out on a lot of fun stuff, including the merriment of collecting stamps on a card to get this pretty planner! The truth is, I am not really much of a planning person (I thrive in my own version of organized chaos), but late last year, I asked a friend to pick up a Belle de Jour planner for me. I’ve been using it on and off – I usually forget to write stuff. But when I do, oh the wonders of having a list to cross off!

Monthly pages to summarize my life :D

Monthly pages to summarize my life 😀

I purchased another BDJ planner this year and I plan to post about that as well, but oh, the Starbucks planner! I swear, I gained 5lbs drinking all those lattes! I am not normally a designer coffee drinker, having spent the past 8 years in Singapore, where a tall mug of latte could easily set me back $5 (seriously, SG prices are so wtf. How do people survive?) I do manage to get a daily caffeine fix because my work usually takes me to vendor meetings at coffee shops, but I would never spend on a Starbucks on my own!

So, imagine my glee when the sticker collection finally started with the Starbucks red cups!

With a little help from my friends!

With a little help from my friends!

I enlisted my boyfriend’s help on this. Since I moved from Singapore and stopped drinking the free designer coffee from my vendor meetings, I lost quite a bit of weight, and I really have no desire to gain it back. But gain it back I did, to complete the stamp card! Le BF managed a good 6 cups, so I only filled out on my jiggly thigh area to complete all the stickers.

Here it is omg omg omg!!

Here it is omg omg omg!!

I decided to pick the brown cover, which is a pretty fabric cover. It comes with some metal plate at the top for you to put in your name (or whatever you want), a pin bookmark, and that white pen for filling in that metal plate.

Jillie <3

Jillie ❤

The white end of the pen looks a bit like chalk, but it isn’t coz it’s more like a marker. Oh well, I have no idea, but it’s pretty!

All the pretty special pages are in full color, and it looks a lot like the BDJ planner, where there’s inspiring text at every month’s cover. I also really like that Connect with Memories page! I’m super forgetful, even with those memorable stuff I’m supposed to remember, so maybe this will help me jog my memory when I refer back to this planner in the future!

Here's the weekly view, finally, I got to the meat of the planner!

Here’s the weekly view, finally, I got to the meat of the planner!

I still kinda like the BDJ weekly layout better because hey, perfect layout for people with tiny handwriting like me. But the lined pages are much appreciated, especially since one line occupies the entire width of the page. I’m really bad at maintaining an even line when writing, so this really helps!

The Notes section is also a great little piece when I’m thinking about random stuff, outside of my usual to-dos and meetings.

Hey! Coupons for me (fattening) coffee!

Hey! Coupons for more (fattening) coffee!

I’m not overly keen on the coupons, since this binge to get the planner has resulted in me filling up the stars on my Starbucks cards, so I should still have 2 free coffees using those cards. But if there are coupons on pastries, I’ll happily stuff my face with Belgian waffles!


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