Help! I want to go online shopping!!

So, I have very few regrets relocating back to Manila after an 8-year stint working in Singapore, and right now, this is probably the only one I can think of. I’m seriously in love with Julia Graf’s Victoria Secret look. You can see it here in her Instagram:

Sorry, but I’m not yoinking another person’s photo to post on my blog just because I’m obsessed with the look. Anyway, this is a look she did with mostly BH Cosmetics products and I really really REALLY want this whole set like omfgwtfwhatiswrongwithme!! I can’t get over it and I seriously want to go to town with my credit card right now.


(…and the credit card usage is not the issue here)

I’m mortally afraid of having anything… anything!… shipped to the Philippines from overseas. Why? You may ask. It surely can’t be the shipping fee (which is atrocious for BH Cosmetics International shipping, but not anything I can’t afford)

You see, Philippine Customs is notoriously known for being abso-fucking-lutely corrupt. They overcharge insane taxes on stuff that really isn’t worth shit when you think about it. Don’t believe me? Here it is on the news: Bureau of Customs slammed for ruining a kid’s Christmas. And all this news bullshit about non-tolerance for BOC corruption? Absolute garbage.

Here’s a news link from GMA News where BOC attempts to bullshit their way out of the crying kid news:

All packages subject to tax, yes. But P2300 for a $40 package? Puta, ginawang free-for-all talaga ang tax? According to the GMA News piece, the tax would have been more around the area of P265 (doc stamps). And according to this news piece, the P2300 was a combination of:

  • postal fee
  • import processing fee
  • Customs documentary stamp
  • value-added tax

The import processing fee is P15. Even if each of the other fees amounted to P250 each, with VAT being 12% of the $40 value, You won’t even get to P1000. How did that get inflated to P2300?

I’ll tell you how: corrupt bitchfaces working for our government. They get into a feeding frenzy during the holiday season and all the fangs are out to suck your blood and your (or your loved one’s) hard-earned money.

Are you tired of my expletive-laced tirade yet? Or are you a BOC official bristling at this post?

If you are, get your head out of your shit-filled piehole and straighten the fuck up.

Anyway, rant over, and I still want that BH Cosmetics set likeomgIneeditinmylife!

Seriously, can some enterprising IG seller please stock BH Cosmetics products? Please pretty please please please???


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