GlamourBox Unboxing: BYS Make Pro box

By now, everyone and their mother know that the Philippine beauty box scene is entering its annual “Special Edition” period. BDJBox unveiled a Revlon Special Edition Elite Box last month. I have a BDJ Elite Box purchase for September, but I know they usually send out towards the end of the month. I thought Glamourbox does the same; I’ve never actually preordered from them before so I had absolutely no idea.

Imagine my surprise when our condo security called me up to receive a delivery. I was sure I didn’t have anything getting shipped today. I even worked at home yesterday to ensure I received all my packages in the mail on a weekday. When I got the Xend package, I nearly died when I opened it because omgomgomg!! It’s the BYS Makeup Pro box!!

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I was actually thinking of tweeting or instagramming Glamourbox yesterday to inquire when they were going to start deliveries, but I got my box today, so yay for me!

Since I have work today, I didn’t plan on opening any of the contents to swatch and test. Sunday’s usually my makeup playing day, but I couldn’t resist taking pretty pictures to show off.

Probably a quick intro on my experience with the BYS brand: I’ve never tried any of their products before. I’ve seen the BYS counter in SM Cubao all the time, whenever I’m prowling the Maybelline, Revlon and L’Oreal counters. But I have never actually walked up to the counters and tried to swatch any of the products. I’m generally drugstore-averse these days because I hoard so many high end makeup products, and I just generally like the quality of high end products. I knew the next Glamourbox was going to be BYS and I thought, hey, why not. If I end up really liking the product, SM Cubao is just 500 meters from my house and the brand was at a really good price point. Anyway, enough blabbing, and let’s get to the product!

BYS Nail Polish in N300 Reign Supreme

BYS Nail Polish in N300 Reign Supreme

The first item in the box, and the one that I like the least, is the nail polish. This is a full size product. The color is a deep, rich, purple with a lot of blue tones. First, I’m not a fan of nail polish in general. My sister has been trying for years to get me in on polish, but:

  1. I have really ugly hands.
  2. Nail polish is way too high maintenance – I need to sit and wait for it to dry properly. That’s not my thing; and
  3. I destroy my nails with my day to day life, so polish is just going to look extra ugly on my nails.

Apart from that, blue and purple just aren’t my thing for nails anymore. I used to really like having my nails done in plasticky blue polish, but that was like a decade ago, when I was young… and adventurous… I’m an old woman now, and if I ever get my nails painted, it has to be in some understated nude shade, or classic reds.

Now, I’m not saying this is a bad product. I haven’t even tested it it. It’s just my least favorite because I don’t like nail polish in general.

BYS Blush Duo in 01 Paint it Pink

BYS Blush Duo in 01 Paint it Pink

According to the product card, the blush comes in one of 2 shade combos. I got Paint it Pink, which has a really deep bright pink on one side, and a bright peachy pink on the other side. This is my second least favorite product of the bunch. Pink blushes aren’t my thing. I rather like peachy and bronzy blushes because of my very warm, very golden skin tone. I’m not particularly fair-skinned, but my face is also pale enough that these types of bright blushes don’t look natural on me, and my ageing tita face requires natural colored blush.

I haven’t swatched this or tried BYS blushes before, so I don’t know how pigmented or bright this is going to be on the cheeks. I am definitely still going to try this, and I hope for good texture and mild color payoff to counter the super bright colors.

BYS Contour Trio in 02 Sweet

BYS Contour Trio in 02 Sweet

Now we’re moving on to more exciting products! The BYS Contour Trio is a Cosmo favorite; I’ve seen this before on Cosmo’s site talking about makeup contour and highlight. I’m a huge fan of contouring. I contour my face even on normal office days. And in the few makeup workshops I’ve ever been to (two of them only, actually), the other workshop participants have always found my contouring skills totally on point.

This BYS palette reminds me of Sleek’s Face Form contour palette. I haven’t tried that for actual contouring, but I have swatched it at Landmark before. It was good – pigmented and smooth, and I’m hoping for the same with this offering from BYS. I think a good contour palette is particularly useful when traveling, so I don’t have to bring my separate compacts of bronzing powders and highlighters. This even comes with a pretty, natural looking blush. On close inspection, the blush has fine micro shimmer and reminds me a lot of my NARS Orgasm blush. The highlight and contour powders are both matte and just the way I like ’em.

BYS Brow Definition Kit in 01 Wow Brows

BYS Brow Definition Kit in 01 Wow Brows

This is probably my biggest favorite of all the products in this box because I love myself a good brow palette! I’m currently using Anastasia Brow Wiz, which isn’t really my first choice of brow product. My Stila brow pencil had run out and I couldn’t find the shade I used in Rustan’s, so I got the next best thing that was exactly like it.

I’m in love with brow palettes. I already have the Too Faced brow palette and Benefit’s Brows-a-go-go palette, and I’m hoping this palette from BYS will give me the same fantastic color payoff from the brow powders, and excellent hold from the accompanying brow wax. I love that this comes with 3 powder shades; that’s 1 more shade than either the Too Faced or the Benefit palettes, but I’m a tad concerned that there’s a shade in here so dark, it might look too severe even on ladies with jet-black hair. I’ll have to test it out to find out. But I think this is the most exciting product for that #browsonfleek look.

BYS Matte Lipstick in L303 Salsa

BYS Matte Lipstick in L303 Salsa

Can I get a woohoo for matte lipsticks in awesome, natural, wearable shades? 😀

I love love love the matte lippie look, and I think I’ve spent the better part of last month’s paycheck buying as many matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks as I could get my hands on. I have everything: from LA Splash to Lime Crime, to Happy Skin to MAC to Colourpop! I can’t get enough of matte lipsticks, and like everything else, I love my matte lippies in nude and brownie-natural shades, so I’m so happy that this lipstick is in that warm reddish nude shade that’ll match a lot of Filipina skin tones!

The product card tells me that Salsa is one of 3 shades that are packaged in the boxes. The other 2 shades are Tango and Celebrity Status. I can’t really tell from the BYS website photos whether they’re all the same color in different shades, but it looks like the case, with Salsa being the lightest, Tango being a medium brownish red neutral, and Celebrity Status a deeper warm red. If so, all 3 colors are perfectly suited to FIlipina skin. I’m excited to test this out! I love the lipstick format for matte lippies over the liquid lipstick format, and I’m hoping this will be creamy and pretty and just generally perfect!

BYS Eyeshadow Palette in NUDE

BYS Eyeshadow Palette in NUDE

And now, we come to the piece de resistance of this beauty box: the BYS eyeshadow palette! Glamourbox instagrammed a photo of this earlier this week, so I already knew that this was coming. This is one of 2 NUDE palettes that BYS sells, and according to the BYS site, this is NUDE 1.

There are 12 shadows in each palette and they’re formatted almost exactly like the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The primary difference is that the UD palettes are organized in tones: Naked 1 has mostly warm colors, Naked 2 has the cool ones, and Naked 3 has the rose-toned shades. BYS’ 2 palettes both have a mix of warm and cool tones. In the palette that I got, there are 9 shimmery colors, and 3 mattes. All the matte shades are in that cream and mid-tone brown shades, perfect for blending out a good smokey or nude eye.

So, since I already have all 3 UD Naked palettes, I’m not as excited about this part of the box, but I have to admit: this is a really good addition. It’s full-sized, has all the colors you’d need for a complete eye look, and the packaging is so pretty for something from the drugstore! I’m going to definitely test this out, and if it swatches and applies well, I may actually consider picking up the BYS NUDE 2 palette, because you know, old ladies like me can never have enough nude and neutral eyeshadow palettes in our collection.

So that’s the end of the unboxing! This special edition Glamourbox has 6 full-sized products, and all of them are makeup products. Here’s a static photo of the product card so you can see the value of each product.

The box value card totals up to almost P2900 in value.

The box value card totals up to almost P2900 in value.

This is such an exciting box for me! I’m so pumped to try out all of these products and discover what the brand has to offer. I know Glamourbox is still selling this special edition box, so if you haven’t bought one, I think this is something I can definitely recommend if you want to discover a new brand, or if you’re already familiar and love the BYS brand, this is such a great way to sample a little of the many things the brand has to offer.

And now, I’m anxiously awaiting BDJBox’s September box. Will it match up? Crossing my fingers for some really awesome makeup finds!


2 thoughts on “GlamourBox Unboxing: BYS Make Pro box

  1. -Ber months boxes are usually the coolest, but not so cool that slots sell like hotcakes. I’m considering BDJ’s elite box, but it looks like skincare again. I’ve hoarded enough for this year and the next, so maybe I’ll have to sit this one out. :))

    • Hi Matromao and thanks for coming by my review! 🙂
      I’m hoping the September BDJ Box will be all makeup. I don’t want skincare coz I’m still working through my current L’Oreal Revitalift obsession \o/
      I think the slots don’t sell out as much since they tend to be on the more expensive side, especially these deluxe boxes. But I’d say, after testing out these BYS products, that the Glamourbox one is soooooo worth it!

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