It’s LIVE!! YAY!!

Yes! I’m so happy to say that my new, self-hosted blog, Miss Maliit is now live ❤

MissMaliit.Com is up now!

MissMaliit.Com is up now!

I’ve been trying to get myself into developing this blog space some more and finally, it’s up and ready to go! I’ll miss my old address and moniker. But I think now is the best time to give MumuInc a good long rest. The name and that blog just belongs to a different period in time. I’ve imported all of the posts because I just happen to like everything I’ve done there, but now, I have a new online presence, and I couldn’t be happier. My old blog will remain up, only because I don’t like killing off my old online presence, but it’ll serve more as an archive than anything else.

What can you expect from

More stuff about makeup, for one! I’ve been amassing some new goodies to blog about and I’ve been trying to get them the conventional way (i.e. walk into a store in the mall and buy shit off the counter) so there’s that! I’ll post a bit about my dogs as well, and the inferno of Metro Manila traffic, politics, and general life. So keep on reading. You can also tweet me any review requests. As long as the product’s within my general budget and interest, I’ll try to accommodate. Please keep in mind that I buy everything I review, so I may not be able to review every request, especially if a certain product just doesn’t interest me!


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