Review: Bellami Hair Extensions

Hi everyone! I’m back (finally!) Sorry for disappearing. I really got carried away with the rest of my life (mainly work D:) but I’m back again, and hey, this time, I even have a video review!

So, as you can probably tell from this review, my current craze is clip-in hair extensions! I live these stuff! It’s like instant long hair in a snap!

My first review is on one of the brands that I feel has a really good internet presence: Bellami Hair Extensions! There isn’t a ton of reviews on this brand on Youtube or elsewhere yet, but there’s lots of pictures floating around on Instagram and Facebook, so for the opening of my new Youtube channel, Jillie Girl, I thought this was an awesome place to start!

On the video, I talk mainly about what I liked and didn’t like about the hair, but this blog entry will be extremely long-winded as I try to cram in as much other stuff I thought worth mentioning as I can. Also, I have a structure for my extensions reviews, so hopefully, that makes info gathering for you, prospective extensions buyers, easier.

What’s available?

Bellami offers 2 different types of human hair remy extensions:

  1. The Bellissima set is 220grams, 22 inches and costs $199.99
  2. The Bambina set is 160grams, 20 inches and costs $159.99

Site quality and ordering process

  • I think Bellami has this perfectly down to pat: fantastic model photos of the hair, a clean website that’s easy to manage and has a good amount of info on the products.
  • The customer service for Bellami is also unmatched. The owner, Nikki, is friendly and extremely prompt at answering emails! We exchanged quite a bit of mails in my first order because I wanted expedited shipping to I could take my extensions with me when I go on vacation. Turns out that they still wouldn’t be able to make it, but I so appreciate the effort Nikki took to help me out.
  • For ordering, there’s 2 weights and lengths available for purchase:
    1. Bellissima 220g 22″
    2. Bambina 160g 20″
  • There are 10 colors available, and the browns get sold out pretty quickly. But the shop appears to be restocking pretty fast. Once a shade/length gets sold out, it gets restocked within a month of getting sold out.
  • Rating: 5 stars

Package Delivery

  • Shipping is a $5 flat rate to anywhere in the world and I think that’s fantastically good!
  • It took 2 weeks to ship from Canada to Singapore – perfectly ok shipping period for me, since except for US shipping, everything else does take about that time to reach my corner in the sun.
  • Rating: 5 stars

Hair Packaging

  • Hair is packaged in the 2-flap plastic packaging, with a small compartment for a tester strip, and the rest of the hair sealed in the larger compartment.
  • I don’t like that 2-flap thing, because I have to twist the hair up in a bunch to get them back into the large compartment, but I think the tester strip is wonderful. Not all companies provide that, and I really appreciate having a tester strip to check the color out.
  • Rating: 4 stars

Hair Quality

  • Color: My first order, #2 Dark Brown is a perfect match. My 2nd order, #4 Chocolate Brown, has a slightly warmer undertone than my hair, but I like the color better because it’s so rich and yummy-looking!
  • Hair is super soft and silky and doesn’t tangle a lot, even though I’ve worn it for really long hours (like 12-15 hours) at work.
  • The hair has a silicone coating that disappears the first time you use hot tools (or over a few wears if you didn’t use hot tools). I am not saying it’s a bad thing, since none of the stuff melted into my curling iron. Just saying not to expect your hair to be as shiny as the first time you took it out of the packaging.
  • The hair is cut with so-called “Natural” ends, which means they’re wispy and really kinda straggly and thin. I don’t like that because I have long hair with a blunt cut. You could see exactly where my hair ended and only the extension hair was left, unless I curled the hair. I wouldn’t have minded so much but the 22″ extensions was ridiculously thin at the ends. However, the 20″ set was perfect. Managed to use it with straight hair and it looked fantastic.
  • The hair also didn’t hold a curl very well. I curled my 22″ set with a 19cm curling iron barrel. The curls unraveled after about 6 hours, and looked frizzy when they unraveled. It might be the humidity here in tropical Singapore, though. I may also have overdone the hairspray, which magnetized the humidity all the more.
  • Rating: 3 Stars

Clip & Weft Quality

  • There are 10 wefts in total. I think each piece is double-wefted for the 220g set. This means excellent coverage!
  • Each weft also has a kinda lace backing onto which the clips were sewed. I love that! Makes the extensions flat and flush against the back of my head.
  • Clips are sewn both on top and on the sides, so the weft doesn’t flip flop when the hair gets tugged.
  • Clips used are small and snap in place perfectly well. Bellami has my favorite clip type!
  • Funnily enough, that lace backing is also the weft’s downfall: there were a number of stray strands from the machine wefting. There were some darker color threads, like dark red and dark blue. That was ok. Those just affect the hair’s ability to curl. But I found 2 strands of yellow thread. They stuck out really badly! Fortunately,  found them and snipped them away before I first put on the extensions.
  • There were little tufts of hair that would fall out when I brush the hair! OMG I think that’s awful!
  • Rating: 3.5 stars
Wearing my Bellami's

Wearing my Bellami’s

There are so many points for consideration, but I think the wispy ends and the stray threads were kinda annoying. I do think the 20″ set is gorgeous! But the 22″ didn’t suit me well, and I think it’s too pricy for bad stitching and that little tufts of hair falling out is terrible. If I only bought the 20″ set, I would give this 4 stars. But since there were a good number of things I didn’t like about the 22″, this gets:

Overall rating: 3.5 stars – Could be better

I won’t be repurchasing the 22″ set for sure. The overly wispy ends made me feel like I was wearing 140g instead of 220g of hair. But I may still be back for another 20″ set 🙂