What I do with my 345467687 bikinis

There’s no going around it: I have dozens of pairs of bikinis lying around the house waiting to be worn. And I’m still buying (drat, Soak Swimwear is going to be at another Rockwell Bazaar, and I expect by the time that’s over, there may not be enough of the nice bikinis for me to buy online D: ) I’ve sold quite a bit of what I bought on the worst shopping spree I’ve ever been on (that was last year, after I came back from Cebu), but there’s still maybe 50 pairs in my closet, and another 10 or so packed away for when we move house at the end of the month.

Anyway, what to do with these bikinis while I’m still buying more? Here’s my run down:

  1. Use the bikinis as normal underwear. I do this often, especially when I’m out biking. The problem with this is that tie-back bandeaus don’t work well in biking jerseys (the knot at the back is supremely ugly bunching up against the jersey!) About 3/4 of my collection are bandeaus, so I get to use the 5 or so string bikinis I have for this.
  2. Rent them out during parties, then sell the rented pieces to its wearers :p lulz, I’m not wearing those back after other people have worn them. 
  3. Swim more often, damn it! 

We have a pool on our front yard and when we move, it’s going to be to a condo that also has a pool. I just need to get off my ass to do this. For serious. I hope the sun goes out soon so I can loll around the pool.

Cheers ^___^