GlamourBox Unboxing: BYS Make Pro box

By now, everyone and their mother know that the Philippine beauty box scene is entering its annual “Special Edition” period. BDJBox unveiled a Revlon Special Edition Elite Box last month. I have a BDJ Elite Box purchase for September, but I know they usually send out towards the end of the month. I thought Glamourbox does the same; I’ve never actually preordered from them before so I had absolutely no idea.

Imagine my surprise when our condo security called me up to receive a delivery. I was sure I didn’t have anything getting shipped today. I even worked at home yesterday to ensure I received all my packages in the mail on a weekday. When I got the Xend package, I nearly died when I opened it because omgomgomg!! It’s the BYS Makeup Pro box!!

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I was actually thinking of tweeting or instagramming Glamourbox yesterday to inquire when they were going to start deliveries, but I got my box today, so yay for me!

Since I have work today, I didn’t plan on opening any of the contents to swatch and test. Sunday’s usually my makeup playing day, but I couldn’t resist taking pretty pictures to show off.

Probably a quick intro on my experience with the BYS brand: I’ve never tried any of their products before. I’ve seen the BYS counter in SM Cubao all the time, whenever I’m prowling the Maybelline, Revlon and L’Oreal counters. But I have never actually walked up to the counters and tried to swatch any of the products. I’m generally drugstore-averse these days because I hoard so many high end makeup products, and I just generally like the quality of high end products. I knew the next Glamourbox was going to be BYS and I thought, hey, why not. If I end up really liking the product, SM Cubao is just 500 meters from my house and the brand was at a really good price point. Anyway, enough blabbing, and let’s get to the product!

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