Review: Jewelove No. 5 Lashes

Hi everyone! So, I decided to come back real fast to try to review each of the eyelash sets I purchased from Zalora and Sasa before I forget my promise 🙂

The first set I tried was actually Dolly Wink, but I wanted to give that set another try some other time because the first time I put it on, the lash band poked at my left eye quite badly. I don’t know if it was because the lashes were not all that good or if I’m a moron who doesn’t know how to not hurt myself.

Anyway, I decided to review Jewelove No. 5, and I promise today’s post is going to be a real review, and not my usual half-assed commentary about how awesome I think everything is.

This is what the packaging looks like, and it's my very favorite!

This is what the packaging looks like, and it’s my very favorite!

Isn’t it pretty? I’m always drawn to the Jewelove eyelashes on the gyaru makeup display rack at Watsons because of of the pretty floral packaging. Just look at that pretty box and compare it to the bland-looking packaging that the current run of Dolly Winks, and more specially, the Ardell lashes, which have boring black packaging. I’m just really a sucker for florals, I guess.

I don’t have a any translation for the packaging, which is in Japanese, but I do recall the that the description on the Watsons packages said these are “Natural Soft and Fluffy” or something like that. And I must say, that is just spot on! It’s still a little on the long side if looked at sideways, but it’s so beautiful and natural nevertheless!

Up close and worn.

Up close and worn.

I love that pretty flare on the outer corner, and yet it looks so natural at parts where, really, eyelashes should be both short and sparse (inner corners).

Just pulls the look together so beautifully!

Just pulls the look together so beautifully!

I went with a really natural eye look with these lashes and I think they just work so well for work.

Boy, do I look cute or what?

My room is an awful mess in the morning, and my hair is flat every single workday -_-;;

I think I’ve also mentioned before that one of the things I really like about false lashes is how they retain the curve at the band after use and reuse. The Eyemazing lashes that I got were like this and Jewelove was the same, thought not to the same extent as the Eyemazing ones.

In sum:

  • Look: 5/5 – this is just perfect: fits the width of my eyelids just right, band isn’t too long, lash hairs are perfectly flared outward. Lash hairs are matte so none of that plastic-y look from cheap lashes.
  • Comfort: 5/5 – Besides Ardell, this is the first pair I’ve worn that didn’t bite into my skin.
  • Reusability: 4/5 – I find some hairs get slightly displaced when cleaning.
  • Packaging: 3/5 – I love that pretty floral box but I can’t stand that disgusting glue that these eyelash manufacturers use to stick the lashes to the box! WTF it’s so chunky and sticky and gross and so difficult to remove! I do like the fact that each pair is individually boxed in separate plastic compartments, so if I didn’t have a lash case, I could just carry the compartment in my makeup bag in case I wanna take the lashes off.
  • Price Point: 2/5 – If you buy this retail at brick and mortar stores in Singapore, it’s $22.90, and for 2 pairs, that’s a little steep, considering you can buy 3 pairs for $3 (price point of my Fashion Electricity practice lashes). I know the quality is just different, but for $11.45 per pair, I just think it’s atrocious. Best to buy this online from a retailer like Sasa. I got mine for $13.10 from there.

Overall Rating: 19/25

I don’t think that’s bad at all, considering I only had good things to say about this pair 🙂 Having said that, even if I just find this so pretty, if Sasa never sold this pair again, I would probably never repurchase because it’s just too expensive here in Singapore.

Ciao, folks! off to watch my Law and Order reruns!

Ciao, folks! off to watch my Law and Order reruns!


Eyelash Overload

Eyelash Overload

OMFG what the hell was I thinking? LOL

I bought all these stuff from Sasa and Zalora for real cheap and once I’ve gone through some of the real awesome ones, I’ll be sure to give a review of each. In the meantime, marvel at my craziness.

Japanese makeup haul, among other things.

In the past 2 weeks, I have seriously been on a false lashes kick. After the first experiment on New Year’s Eve, I realized it wasn’t really all that hard to put the falsies on. It was a little time-consuming, sure. But not that difficult. All in all, it adds 10-15 minutes more to my makeup routine, but then because the lashes I’ve been getting lately all look so dramatic, I have more often than not ended up toning down the eye makeup. That has resulted in a pretty good reduction of time spent doing my eyeshadow. So really, not much change in time consumed.

Anyway, because I’ve been so obsessed with false lashes, I’ve been getting a lot of high quality ones. And of course, what better quality is there than the Japanese false lashes? They’re the softest and have the most variety available. They’re also some of the most expensive. I’ve picked up a good number of sets, as well as some other makeup from various Japanese brands. These are all drugstore makeup, but wtf why are they so expensive?

Warning: Major pic spam ahead!

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My false lashes experiment!

Happy New Year to the 2 people who read my blog! (That would be me and my sister :p)

So on the last day of 2012, I decided to finally break that boundary of makeup tricks that I thought I would never be able to do: I experimented with false lashes!

And the fateful experiment photo!

And the fateful experiment photo!

I think my application is still a little crooked, and because this was really a lazy girl’s experiment, you can even see in the bottom left photo where the false lashes end and where the real lashes begin :p

But just the mere fact that I even got the lashes to stay put on my eyelid is already a major achievement for me! I’ve never been able to do that before! Now, since I’m still on my learning stage, I’ve got some practice lashes which I play with every other night or so in order to train myself on how to handle them putting them in, removing, and cleaning up. But I’ve also decided to pick up some pricier (and prettier!) pairs to wear for weekends.

False Lashes Haul!

False Lashes Haul!

As you can see, I picked up 3 different sets:

  1. The first I got is the Ardell 120 Demi lashes. They’re beautifully natural looking. The somewhat uneven thickness and length makes it look so pretty and natural and I’m so excited to try them out! When I bought them, I thought about how I destroyed that pair I was wearing in the first photo after like the third time I practiced with it, and just thought to myself it would be unbearable if I were trying to put this on or clean it up and I accidentally destroyed it and I’d have no backups left! And so – numbers 2 and 3 were obtained today 😀 Oh, the Ardell lashes come a pair in each box and the price ranges from $8.95 – $10.50 (SGD!) I bought mine at Stardust, John Little, at Marina Square, where I got them 20%. Makes it not a bad deal!
  2. Eyemazing by Zipper (the lashes are called Amo Pastel in Type B) are brown half lashes with the same wispy-uneven-natural finish as the Ardell lashes, except they’re only half and they’re medium brown in color. I thought it would be a good exercise to try out half lashes and these came at 3 pairs for $21.90, so it wasn’t so expensive as to be highway robbery. because these are brown, I can’t put black mascara on my lashes to match them, so I got separate brown mascara, which I’ll show later.
  3. The one on the right that you see in the main haul picture is P-3 lashes from Jewelove. At 2 pairs for $22.90, these are the most expensive that I purchased. They appear to be wider at the band than the Ardell lashes, and the lash strands are also much longer, lending to probably a much more dramatic look than either the Ardell or the Eyemazing lashes. I bought these just for that oomph effect. I’m so excited to try these out!

Now, what haul would be complete without purchasing the peripheral supporting projects?

For my practice efforts, I’ve been using Spring Heart lash glue – it comes in this little pink tube, costs $3 and does the trick just well enough for me to actually be successful.

This was not a fluke, ok!

This was not a fluke, ok!

The problem I have with this product is I have mean squeeze-y fingers. That is, when I squeeze the tube to get product out, I squirt out way too much glue and that gets messy on the lash bone, and ends up matting on the base of the lashes. And that, my friends, was how I destroyed the practice lashes. It was way too much effort to pull the dried glue off when I was cleaning it for another go and I ended up pulling lash strands off the bone 😦

Anyway, because of that, I decided to pick up some better lash glue that applied with a wand. And of course, the aforementioned brown mascara to go with my brown lashes wtf. Plus some of that new Sweet Salon Bitter Chocolate eyeliner. I’m obsessed with that stuff. A year ago, I actually bought the Pink Brown Eyeliner and I don’t know if that was from Sweet Salon also, but it sure as hell had the same cutie patootie packaging.

I just like makeup, stfu.

I just like makeup, stfu.

Oh and I got myself a pair of eyelash applicators, because working with falsies with my clumsy fingers is just messy.

Now I can’t wait for the weekend to try this shit out and hopefully look way better than this:

I know it's experimental but hot damn, am I cute or what?

I know it’s experimental but hot damn, am I cute or what?

Happy New Year, folks! I can’t wait to show up with much better lashes than I did back in 2012 😉