Hair extensions comparison – Ends!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to show you guys what I meant about the so-called “natural ends” and the blunt cut ends. I also threw in the photo my Foxy Locks set for a bit of further comparison. Foxy Locks is sort of a happy medium between the super thick blunt ends from Hair Secrets and the super fine natural ends from Bellami hair.


Hair Extensions – Comparison of the ends

I mentioned in my previous post that Hair Secrets is double drawn and you can see from that photo above what a difference double drawn hair makes! I am also happy to tell you that the Bellami stock that they are currently selling is now double drawn, and I so hope that this will address the straggly ends that their previous stock had.

Now the pieces I took from each set is the 4-clip piece. All of them are approximately 8 inches wide. They are also more or less equally thick at the top band. The Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets wefts have just been washed and dried, and it’s the first time i have washed both. I’m happy to say that there was very minimal hair breakage or shedding during the washing process. I was very afraid of that and I’m so happy that my fears about hair shedding during washing was largely unfounded.

The Bellami weft here hasn’t been washed since it was purchased, but now that I’m comparing it side by side with Hair Secrets and Foxy Locks, it just looks so straggly and sorry-looking, and that’s such a shame, because the hair is very pretty and very thick at the band. It also just looks so dry compared to the Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets wefts. And that’s just so weird because I would slather all of my extensions with Macadamia oil and pure Argan oil when they look or feel dry, and I have put a bit of oil on my Bellami’s when I took it out of the package. The Foxy Locks and Hair Secrets, I mixed a bit of Macadamia oil in with the conditioner when I washed them. Oh, by the way, I didn’t curl the Foxy Locks weft. The hair just dried that way, so I guess the hair came from someone with naturally curly hair 🙂

So, I hope this comparison was helpful to you, and look out for my next review soon!


Review: Hair Secrets Hair Extensions

Hi everyone! I am back with another brand review. I wanted to do a review much earlier than this. Unfortunately, I had a really awful skin allergy that sprung up about a week after filming my Bellami review. And I still have a fair bit of these rashes, though they’re no longer as itchy as they were a couple weeks ago.

So today’s review is on one of my most favourite, and my most prized, hair extensions set: Hair Secrets.

As you can see, Hair Secrets is definitely one of my most favorite brands! Here’s my video review of this set. As with my previous review, I talk mainly about hair quality and the weft make in the video, and the rest of the details can be found in the meat of my blog post below.

Styled hair with Hair Secrets

Styled hair with Hair Secrets

What’s Available?

Hair Secrets offers only 1 length – 20 inches, but in 2 volume packages:

  1. The For Fine Hair set comes in a white box and is ideal for fine to medium hair texture. This is AU$169.
  2. The Ultimate Volume set comes in a black box, as in the photo above. It’s the set that I own, and costs AU$199

The weight of each option is not published on the site, but I recall reading on their Facebook feed that the Fine Hair set is 120g, while the Ultimate Volume set is about 190g.

Site Quality and Ordering Process

  • Hair Secrets is a salon quality brand of hair extensions, and because it’s a “pro” brand, you can really see that in the design of their website, which is clean, pretty and looks like a real legit e-commerce site.
  • Hair Secrets has 2 different sites: the Australian site, and an American site for international orders. I don’t think you can order from the AU site, and anyway, why would you want to? The pricing difference is crazy, and I think the AU site pricing probably includes hair dressing services to professionally blend the extensions into your own hair.
  • There’s tons of colors to choose from, 30 shades, including various highlight and lowlight combinations, so there’s really a shade in there for everyone.
  • The down side of having so many shades, I guess, is that ensuring all of these shades are properly stocked takes forever! Many of the darker brown shades are perpetually out of stock. I ordered my set back in January. It’s a shade lighter than what I wanted to get. It’s now April, and the shade I wanted has only been restocked now.
  • As I previously mentioned, neither the AU site, nor the international site publishes the weight of the hair and that really sorta keeps you guessing on what you really need, especially if your own hair is more on the medium thickness, not really fine but not really thick or voluminous. My recommendation is, of course, to just choose the set with more hair, because you can just reduce the number of wefts you put on your head.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars


  • Expedited shipping with tracking from Australia to Singapore is 2 weeks, and I think that’s pretty standard.
  • I’ve also seen a 3-day processing time to before the hair actually gets shipped out from their facility, so in all, it’s a good 2 and half weeks to get to me.
  • Shipping fee is $19, and definitely on the more expensive side, as other Australian companies I’ve purchased from offered free shipping.
  • There are coupons for free shipping in some of the Youtube reviews for this brand, so go search it out! 🙂
  • Rating: 4 stars


  • This brand’s packaging is un-frickin-beatable! It comes in a super cute luxurious box, and inside, it’s packaged in a black silk organza bag. Perfect!!
  • Rating: 5 stars
Hair Secrets Box Packaging. Can you tell I love it so much?

Hair Secrets Box Packaging. Can you tell I love it so much?

Hair Quality

  • The shade I purchased is It Was All A Dream, which is a medium brown with red undertones. In other companies, this would probably be a #4 shade. Maybe slightly lighter. This shade is actually too light for me, though it’s hardly noticeable in photos. I really wanted Celebrity Meltdown, but it was out of stock when I ordered, and I’m impatient, so this is what I got.
  • The hair quality is super soft, incredibly silky and so so smooth! This is the silkiest, smoothest hair extensions set that I own, and in terms of that type of hair quality, the only other brand I own that matches this is Headkandy.
  • The hair shaft of these extensions are thick and blends so perfectly with my own hair, which is also very thick!
  • Hair Secrets is one of the few double drawn extension sets that I own – this means all the hair are a single length, which guarantees that I get hair as thick at the tips as it is at the top!
  • Strangely enough, even though this is so smooth and silky, the hair seems to be very prone to tangling. And when it does get tangled, it gets impossibly snarled and I normally have to take a few minutes to pick the snarls apart with my fingers before brushing through the hair. That’s not bad though, because it tends to get tangled in with my own hair, which is probably the source of the bad tangling (my hair was previously permed, so yeah, prone to tangles!)
  • This extension set has a blunt cut, so all the hair is a single length and it may look a bit unnatural when you clip them in and don’t get it professionally blended. Hair Secrets recommends bringing the extensions to your stylist to get them professionally blended. Obviously, I didn’t do this, because I don’t really like anyone snipping locks off my precious extensions, and in fact, I do really love these blunt cut sets.
  • Rating: 4.5 stars

Clip & Weft Quality

  • The clips are not the tiny, super unnoticeable clips that I have in most other sets I own. It’s a little larger than the clips even on my Headkandy set (those have medium-sized clips). They’re also stamped with the brand, so you’ll never forget it’s Hair Secrets 😉 But even if these are a bit on the larger side, they really grip onto my hair really well! No slipping off at all!
  • There’s lace backing and good, sturdy stitching on all of the wefts.
  • The clips are sewn at the top and sides to make sure they don’t flip flop on your head, and because they’re sewn on so securely, the extension wefts really lie flat against my head even though the slips are a bit on the larger side.
  • There are 7 wefts in total in the Ultimate Volume set, and wearing all of them in my head makes for the most even distribution of hair possible.
  • Rating: 5 stars

So obviously, from the ratings on each category, you can tell that I love love love these extensions! They’re superb quality that I just can’t find any other set that matches these. I do wish the restocking period was shorter than the 3 months it took to restock the color I originally wanted. And of course, this set is really on the pricy side. But I think I definitely got what I paid for and in fact, I’ve finally ordered the Celebrity Meltdown set that I wanted to get! Here’s to hoping I get it before my May holiday trip to Manila. I’m raring to wear this set when I go back to see my boyfriend!

Overall rating: 5 stars – I got what I paid for!

Hair Secrets, you just got the full 5 stars!! <3

Hair Secrets, you just got the full 5 stars!! ❤