How to stay awake in a 3 hour meeting

I could never understand why, but a lot of managers I encounter at my workplace love these long, rambling (boring) meetings that never seem to end. I get subjected to this type of meeting on a weekly basis during our team’s meeting, but that’s in the morning so I don’t feel the least bit sleepy after 2 and a half shots of coffee. =^_^= I’m a perky kitty in the morning.

But when these meetings happen at night, no matter what position I hold while listening in on the conference bridge, I still feel sleepy. Take tonight, for example. I’m writing this post half-dead, listening to the people in the US and London talk about various issues, and it’s a real effort to keep myself interested in their discussion. It’s 10:30pm, for crying out loud. Also, most of them sound like they’re drunken baboons over the phone, so that may contribute to my disinterest.

And so! My 3-step plan for how to stay awake:

  1. Do something else and pretend you’re being productive. I mean look at me: I’m writing a blog entry! I’m also checking out the TV, just in case my favorite soap opera’s come on. I’m trying to remove a hang nail from my big toe nail, and cut up some of the ragged parts of my finger nails. See! I’ve done so much while listening into this endless conversation.
  2. Consume water and coffee. Lots of it! When you’re starting to nosebleed from the repetitive babble, you will thank the caffeine and sugar high that will help you have ADHD for the next 5 hours, so that you can do step 1.
  3. Take a nap. More specifically, buy yourself a pair of tinted glasses and snooze easily in these long-ass meetings. if you’re on a conference bridge, so much better. No one’s gonna be seeing you nodding off. Just remember to mute your line so that no one hears the snoring.

And now, it’s time for me to get comfy and put a timer for my 3-hour meeting nap.